Catherine Cloutier

  Barreau du Québec (2001)
  LL.b. Université de Montréal (2000)

  514-335-5405, ext. 222

Catherine has been practicing in business law and real estate litigation for over 15 years. She has developed an expertise in commercial real estate litigation, resolving conflicts between associates or shareholders, exercising hypothecary rights and forcing execution of promises to purchase in real estate matters. Her experience allows her to represent her clients before all Québec courts in all general commercial real estate litigation and in matters relating to construction law. Even though litigation is her passion, Catherine focuses on building strategies that will anticipate and quickly resolve conflicts. She believes that all lawyers must demonstrate creativity in problem-solving in order to avoid any unnecessary delays and fees associated with drawn-out litigation. However, where litigation is necessary, Catherine’s dedication to justice, her team and her experience in court guarantees that she will provide her clients with excellent representation.

Throughout her practice, Catherine has presented many conferences on specific subjects, namely:

  • Sales and marketing techniques in litigation (2016-2017)
  • Protection of second-ranked creditors (2012-2014)
  • Construction contracts (2011)
  • Promise to purchase in real estate matters and passing of title (2010)
  • Denunciation of latent and patent defects (2006)